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About Ted Metz


Ted Metz started life as the son of an US Air Force pilot, living in 13 states by age 11. He says that being raised in the cultural diversity of base housing makes it easy to recognize the propaganda employed by the powers that be to perpetuate and incite the tension that keeps all Americans from enjoying “Domestic Tranquility.” 

One of the constants in his youth was the Boy Scouts of America. Starting in Cub Scouts, Ted stayed with it through Explorers and earned the rank of Life Scout before moving to Atlanta in 1975 as a High School Senior. He said that once in Atlanta, he didn’t find a troop nearby and dropped out of Scouting 3 merit badges and a project shy of attaining his Eagle Scout honors. He entered the US Navy after his first two years of college and traveled the world.  

After returning, he spent many years working his way through College as an entrepreneur in the Satellite Telecommunications Industry. He studied Organic Chemistry at the University of Georgia and gained employment as a Scientist, heading the Research Division of a major consumer products corporation. After burning out on corporate culture, he fell back on his Risk Management and Insurance course work from Georgia State University and eventually retired from a career as an Insurance and Financial Professional, he built and ran an Insurance Agency. 

Now semi-retired, he is an Activist fighting to restore the Rule of Law and to stop the Corporate Takeover of the Government. He has been tirelessly engaged to affect people’s attitudes about Liberty and Self Determination with involvement in many groups and organizations, including: VoterGA, Georgia Activists, Libertarian Party, Georgia CARE Project, Peachtree NORML, Solutions Institute, OathKeepers, Georgia Coalition of Patriots, Informed Ga Grand Jury Forum, Operation Educate, Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Action Sentinels, Tax Revolution Institute and many others. He got involved in grassroots politics as a libertarian minded novice with the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign and joined the GOP to try to steer the repulicrats towards smaller, fiscally responsible government. After some time and hard work, Ted was elected as the 39th Precinct Chair and then later was elected as the 3rd Vice Chair of 13th District in the GOP. He has served as Campaign manager or Staff member for several candidates, including Derrick Grayson

Ted is frequently at the Capitol recording Committee Hearings for the purpose of holding elected officials accountable and exposing the cronyism and corruption present in the legislative process.

Ted enjoyed spending many years quenching his thirst for knowledge. He studied Zoology, Biology and Organic Chemistry at the University of Georgia. He then continued at Georgia State University focusing on Business Administration, Risk Management and Insurance, and Organizational Psychology. But not having had enough, he went back to DeKalb College (now known as Georgia Perimeter College) to study Nursing. He laments witnessing the finacialization of higher education, recounting years of skyrocketing tuition and books fees with no improvement in the quality of the education, and vast increases in the number of administrative personnel that had no bearing on improvements to education. He had held an Insurance License in Georgia since 1989 and is a Chartered Senior Financial Planner as well as a skilled web developer, graphics designer, writer, videographer, video editor, veteran, patriot, father and Grandfather

An expanded version of the life of Ted Metz

My life began as the son of an Air Force pilot and stay at home mom in March of 1958. We moved frequently and by the time I was 11, we’d lived in 13 states. My older brother, younger sister and I were lucky to attend the best schools where ever we moved because my parents always researched the districts before each move. Both mom and dad were active in the community, dad at city council meetings, mom at the PTA. We attended Church and Sunday School and after starting High School, I was active in the youth group. My brother and I were active in Boy Scouts until he earned his Eagle Scout, shortly after that we moved to a new city without a troop, so I only made it to Life Scout. Our troop was very active in community service and we always had projects for helping the elderly and disadvantaged, conservation and cleanups and recycling. We were brought up to serve with the daily goal of doing at least one good deed for the day. Looking back, recounting the day’s good deed at the dinner table was something we all looked forward to.

Both of my parents went to college, and they taught us the value of learning and instilled in us a lifelong passion for learning and encouraged us to always strive to excel in any endeavor, to always out do our best. We all did well in school and we were always at the top of our class. My favorite subject was science and I was always in the accelerated science classes in grade school. In high school I had physics as a Junior and Advanced Physics as a Senior. I also liked math and everything else. I also enjoyed history, especially the American Colonial period, to the point that I spent years studying it outside of school with an emphasis on learning the biographies of the men and women behind the history. Much can be said of understanding their lives, their motivations, their education and beliefs.

My education and understanding of politics started early, with dinner table discussions about the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Bay of Pigs and the assassination of JFK. The nightly dinner discussions continued through the Civil Rights Movement, the Space Race, the Viet Nam War, Watergate and into the Reagan era, at which time I started at DeKalb College (now Perimeter College). Watching the news back then, being reported in a fact based and unbiased manner is something I miss. Watching Nixon announce going off the Gold Standard, I realized a few years ago, was the day that our Republic was taken over by the bankers, and look at us now, housing, education, healthcare and so much more is no longer affordable.

Mom’s dad was a master carpenter and engineer at the Burroughs Corporation. On weekends in the summer from and early age, my brother and I would help him build things, small to large. I may have been 10 when we got to help build a barn. My brother went into civil engineering and construction defect forensics. Dad’s dad owned a tool and dye manufacturing company that made things for the auto industry, but he also had a dairy farm where we spent summers doing dairy farm chores. Both sets of grandparents lived outside of Detroit.

In the early 70’s, we lived on a small farm outside of Chicago and had all sorts of cool toys with motors including an International Harvester tractor with a front end loader and horses.

My parents allowed me to get a job at age 14, I worked after school at a landscape nursery, cultivating, propagating and planting a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. Minimum wage was $0.86 per hour and it was a great job. On the weekends I started working at a country club and got my first exposure to professional cooking. I worked both jobs until we moved to Atlanta in 1975, when there were still cattle farms inside 285. I started my Senior year of High School, graduated early and started college. My original goal was to be a Doctor, but also wanted business savvy, so I declared a dual major, Chemistry and Business Administration. I worked as a cook on the weekends and week days I worked as a bookkeeper at a finance company until I got my Associate Degrees, but then wanted a better job to be self sufficient for the rest of college, so I enlisted in the Navy to learn electronics, because that was a hot field.

My first year after boot camp was all school, then depot level bench work on state of the art aircraft systems. While serving, I earned my Dive Master rating in Guam, but I’m not a Navy Diver. I came back to Georgia and started back at UGA, back on track with pre-med, studying Organic Chemistry except with job skills. I got a job with an engineer that serviced radio stations and worked on everything from the microphones to the transmitter tower until a friend got me interested in Satellite TV. Within a few weeks I had a business license and a store front and was making mad money installing the big dishes. I put school on hold with one quarter to go before graduating and things were great until Time magazine ran a story falsely proclaiming that the back yard dishes were pirating tv broadcasts. Suddenly, I was out of business. This is when I first started paying attention to the legislation coming out of D.C. and the beginning of my quest to fix government.

So there I was without a job when a friend offered me a job in his financial firm. The next thing I know, I had gotten a Series 6, 7, 64 and Insurance Licenses to sell regulated financial products. I was good at it and in no time I was in Palm Beach living on a yacht, but that came to a screeching halt on a Monday in October of 1987, the worst stock market event since the crash of ’29. I came back to Atlanta in November, got a job at Scientific Atlanta doing telecommunications manufacturing testing and repair and started at Georgia State to pursue and MBA. After two years I was yearning for more science, so I went back to DeKalb College, enrolled in the Nursing Program. My mentors persuaded my to believe that with the Business Administration degree, coupled with a Nursing Degree, I’d have a great career. I started working at the VA Hospital in Decatur at about the same time the AIDS epidemic started. Even back then the VA was a pretty nasty place and after getting stuck with a hypodermic needle that was left in a patient’s bed, I quit because the risk of getting AIDS was too high.

Almost immediately I found a job at a high end cosmetics manufacturer that was looking for a chemist. The owners liked me and let me do whatever I thought was necessary. I helped them in many ways to grow the business from $2 million annual sales to over $60 million in under three years by implementing product, process and procedure improvements. They were happy, I was happy but a competitor made them an offer they couldn’t pass up. They sold and the plant was moved overseas just before my 4th year anniversary.

I went back to Satellite tv just as DirecTV was entering the market and served an instrumental role in building the largest DirecTV company in the Southeast. Things were great again. I personally installed over 5,000 systems all over metro Atlanta until a back injury ended that career.

I needed a desk job, so I dusted off my Insurance License and started supplemental health insurance for people on Medicare. I realized that I could do more, so I studied, I took the exam and received my certification as a Chartered Senior Financial Planner. I really liked helping senior citizens by providing ways to help them preserve their retirement savings.. In the same time frame, Bush’s Prescription Drug Plan went into effect, along with Advantage plans the following year. I had developed a few thousand clients over the years and as the enrollment periods shifted to a few months out of the year, I found that I could get involved in community service for 9 months out of the year.

During the off time, I started researching things that the Government was up to and came to realize that Prescription Drug pans and Advantage plans were taxpayer give aways to Big Pharma and the Big Insurance company and were causing the cost of healthcare to skyrocket. I spoke up to all of my clients, wrote letters to Congress and thought I could make a difference.

In 2009 I started following the news about Nathan Deal’s ethics charges while serving is fourth term in the US House of Representatives and shortly thereafter, he was the GOP Candidate for Governor. This is when I became an activist and started to get involved in politics but it wasn’t until 2012 when I learned how the two party system really works. I started with the Ron Paul movement and joined the Republican Party. I was elected as the 39th District Chair which got me a seat at the table of the Cobb County Executive Committee and then I got to see how things really work behind the scenes. I got to attend the Republican National Convention where they nominated Mitt Romney.

In 2013, I was elected as 3rd Vice Chair of the 13th District. The deeper I got into the party workings, the more disgruntled I became. The infighting and power grabbing was too much to take, especially since most of my friends that had joined the party had left for the Libertarian Party. Early in 2014, the Libertarian Party offered for me to run as their candidate for Insurance Commissioner. I resigned my positions in the GOP, joined the Libertarian Party and accepted. Since the 2014 election, I have stepped up and gotten even more involved in grassroots activism. I am currently the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia.

I started attending Georgia Legislative committee hearings in 2014, I’ve been involved in Criminal Justice Reform and Medical Cannabis Legalization and have been recording proceedings to post on You Tube ever since.

Over the years, I have learned a great deal about how our government operates. I’m here to tell you that it is corrupt. My motivation to serve as Governor of Georgia is to end the corruption, return the power to the people and set up a system that is sustainable for the next seven generations.