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  • Congratulating winners of a few local beauty pageants under the Gold Dome

Second Amendment Rally

Picture with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America at a Second Amendment Rally on the Capitol steps in the spring of 2012. Frankly, I STRONGLY support the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights. One thing about the Bill of Rights that many people have forgotten or are no...

GAGOP Senate Debate – Columbus

Me behind the camera at the GOP Senate Debate in Columbus, GA filming the proceedings for Derrick Grayson.  This was a televised debate and I am certain that the GOP worked feverishly to ensure that the sound system was rigged to ruin the audio. Here is the only video...

Constitution for the US

The Constitution for the United States was carefully written to be a restriction on the powers and scope of the Federal Government. Click HERE to download your own copy

Campaigning in NC

In North Carolina showing support for Operation Outreach at Warrior Jam in Fayetteville, NC, August 31, 2013 along with the Robby Wells Presidential Campaign Staff. Click HERE to learn more about Operation Outreach

Volunteering for Georgia Gun Owners

My friends at Georgia Gun Owners invited me to help them at a Gun Show at the Atlanta Expo Center recruit new members and explain the mission of GGO.  Dr. Paul Broun showed up to show his support for the 2nd Amendment and do some campaigning. I'm not sure if you used...

Tampa Republican National Convention 2012

Here is proof that I was once an active Republican.  I am with my Georgia friends at the 2012 Republican National Convention. The delegates that I was with were all there to support Ron Paul.  Frankly, the things that I witnessed first hand at the RNC would lead any...

Re-elect Nobody

If you are sick of Career Politicians and expect them to pass term limits, keep in mind that YOU have the power to vote for somebody else. Face the fact that they will NEVER pass term limits!   P.S. - Stop voting for the lesser of two evils!

GAGOP Debate – Augusta

In the background at the GOP Senate Debate in Augusta with Derrick Grayson and one of our Liberty Friends (note the BitCoin tee shirt).  I was a part of Derrick's campaign staff, traveling the state, filming and live streaming events. Be sure to check out Minister...

All On Georgia Interview

All On Georgia Interview

Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick

I had the opportunity to converse with  Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington DC in February. Mr. Stone and Dr. Kuznick were in attendance to discuss foreign policy in historic perspective. Both are very...

America is ready for a third party

After reading this article from the Gallop Poll web site (click here for the article),  I had a few thoughts. For whom do the Independent voters show up at the ballot box to cast their preference for Independence in a two party system?   People that vote using...

Campaigning in Athens

Campaigning with Derrick Grayson in Athens on July 10, 2013 along with Team Grayson  at a TEA Party conference.  Republicans, TEA Party members, Libertarians and Democrats were in attendance .  We got to speak to many folks fighting the battle for Liberty.  Click Here...

Senate Trail

Campaigning in Athens April 27, 2013 with Derrick Grayson and Team Grayson Campaign Manager - Barbie Dunn.

MAM Atlanta Event Planning

On the Capitol Steps with several friends during a planning walk through for a rally. This is a great picture because of all the organizations that are represented by those of us in the picture.  At some point, we all have to take a stand and get active to ensure...

A Brief History of Healthcare

The healthcare delivery system in America has improved with the advancements in technology and medical breakthroughs over the years. In every other industry on the planet, the costs have always gone down with technology and breakthroughs. Why is it that Healthcare...