Ted Metz

For Secretary of State

“Regardless of your political philosophy, casting a ballot should be an easy process, cheating should be easy to detect but hard to do. Georgia voters have the right to honest, transparent, and auditable elections.”

The Insight Our State Needs

For the past seven years, Ted Metz has been active in the fight to eliminate electronic voting systems and implement a system that produces physical evidence of voter intent, aka paper ballots. In October of 2020, the U.S. District Court found our current Dominion system violates at least two Georgia Statutes (pg. 81-81).   We need a change!

About Ted Metz

Ted Metz started life as the son of an US Air Force pilot, living in 13 states by age 11. He says that being raised in the cultural diversity of base housing makes it easy for him to recognize the propaganda employed by the powers that be to perpetuate and incite the tension that keeps all Americans from enjoying “Domestic Tranquility.” 

Ted spent many years working his way through College as an entrepreneur in the Satellite Telecommunications Industry. He studied Organic Chemistry at the University of Georgia and gained employment as a Scientist, heading the Research Division of a major consumer products corporation. After burning out on corporate culture, he fell back on his Risk Management and Insurance and Business Administration degree from Georgia State University, built and ran an Insurance Agency, and eventually retired from a career as an Insurance and Financial Professional.

Since 2012 he has been an Activist fighting to restore the Rule of Law and to stop the Corporate Takeover of the Government. He has been tirelessly engaged to affect people’s attitudes about Liberty and Self Determination with involvement in many groups and organizations to steer elected officials towards smaller, fiscally responsible, constitutional government.

Mission & Values

I support: Voter ID, Absentee Signature Matching, Hand Marked Paper Ballots, Strict Chain of Custody, Comprehensive Audits, Public Ballot Inspection, Prosecution, Penalties, and Imprisonment for Unlawful Election Shenanigans

I DO NOT support: Electronic Voting Systems, Ballot Drop Boxes, Ballot Harvesting, Ballot Stuffing, Private and Corporate Election Funding, 3rd Party Temporary Election Staffing

Testimony From March 2019 AND March 2022

Are you ready to take the next step towards fair elections?

Get Involved 

In every county in Georgia there are opportunities for you to take part in assuring that our elections are run smoothly, fairly, and honestly. Please volunteer to be a poll watcher, or talk to your county election board about getting paid to be a poll worker. To be a poll watcher, talk to your county political party about registering for early voting or on election day. There are also opportunities after the election to make sure that all the legitimate votes are counted.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Vote!

Last day to register to vote in the General Election is October 11, 2022.  Early Voting starts October 17, 2022.








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