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Dear Ted Metz,

Thank you for replying to our 2018 voter guide questionnaire. We appreciate your cooperation. Here is a copy of your submission:

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Describe your education, training and experience and what is your motivation to serve as Governor of Georgia.
University of Georgia – Organic Chemistry, Georgia State University – Risk Management, Organization Psychology, DeKalb College – Nursing, US Navy – Aviation Electronics Satellite Telecommunications Business Owner, Financial Services Business Owner. In 2012 I learned how the two party system really works. I was the 39th District Chair, the 3rd Vice Chair of the 13th District in the Georgia GOP. The deeper I got into the party workings, the more disgruntled I became. In 2014, I ran for Insurance Commissioner as a Libertarian. Since then, I have been involved in grassroots activism. I am currently the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia.

Over the years, I have learned a great deal about how our government operates. I’m here to tell you that it is corrupt. My motivation to serve as Governor of Georgia is to end the corruption, return the power to the people and set up a system that is sustainable for the next seven generations.

What are your top three policy priorities and how will you work to achieve results?

I aim to restore the Rule of Law by clearing access to Grand Juries enabling citizens’ right to hold elected and appointed officials accountable for malfeasance, I will ensure that every Juror understands that they shall be “the judges of the law and of the facts” to acquit defendants of victimless crime. I will push, via Executive Order, to stop arrests and prosecutions for possession of small amounts of cannabis.

I’ll advocate for less taxation and fewer regulations to spur business and job growth. I’ll reform education to develop life-ready, job-ready high school graduates. I’ll also fix healthcare.

What does Georgia need in terms of ethics reform?

Georgia has one of the largest populations of individuals without health insurance in the country. What is your position on expanding Medicaid and how would you address the needs of the uninsured in Georgia?
Block grants for Medicaid without federal stings would help but is only a band-aid, the problem is in the design and operation of the healthcare system, for which there are numerous proven solutions.There are alternatives to what we do now, like the direct primary care model, that provide access to doctors for a low monthly fee, which result in better care at greatly reduced costs. allowing Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants to prescribe medication for the most common ailments, and greater utilization of Tele-Medicine would also lower costs Much of the cost of care these days comes from stifling regulatory compliance and reporting in addition to the claims process imposed by insurance companies.Getting the Federal Government and all of their cronies out of the picture along with judicious use of the Anti-Trust laws will cut healthcare costs by 80%. Reducing costs means current Medicaid funding goes further and covers more people.

The cornerstone of a democracy is fair and competitive elections. In preparation for redistricting in 2021, would you support adopting an Independent Redistricting Commission that would provide for districts based on established criteria to create equitable, community oriented districts? Why or Why not?
I only support the use of a totally independent, non-partisan, and unbiased commission to implement redistricting using demographics based on current trends in the shifting population, not based on identity politics, that have logical boundaries that make sense for the people geographically, as well as for the city, towns and counties falling within the borders.

How would you to develop industry and increase jobs in rural Georgia?
Industrial Hemp can bring jobs, industry and Prosperity to rural Georgia because of the wide array of uses for hemp, including fuel and food. Broadband internet access would also benefit rural Georgia, Better Education and Vocational Training would benefit as well.

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League of Women Voters of Georgia