While you will not find yours truly featured in this particular podcast (I know, it’s a tragedy) I still feel the need to share it on my outlets. As you all know I try to stay out of political processes for the most part these days because such processes have been reduced to little more than game show antics. That being said, I do believe if any office is going to be able to make any change for the better it would be the office of state governor. In my particular state (Georgia) there is a candidate running for said office that I personally know to be strong advocate for personal Liberty and extreme restraint on the power of government.

“Ted Metz started life as the son of an US Air Force pilot, living in 13 states by age 11. He says that being raised in the cultural diversity of base housing makes it easy to recognize the propaganda employed by the powers that be to perpetuate and incite the tension that keeps all Americans from enjoying “Domestic Tranquility.” One of the constants in his youth was the BSA. Starting in Cub Scouts, Ted stayed with it through Explorers and earned the rank of Life Scout before moving to Atlanta in 1975 as a High School Senior and dropping out for a job and girlfriends. He entered the US Navy after two of college and traveled the world.  After returning, he spent many years working his way through College as an entrepreneur in the Satellite Telecommunications Industry. As a Scientist, he ran the Research Division of a major consumer products corporation. Then as an Insurance and Financial Professional, he built and ran an Insurance Agency. Now semi-retired, he is an Activist fighting to restore the Rule of Law and to stop the Corporate Takeover of the Government.  He has been tirelessly engaged to affect people’s attitudes about Liberty and Self Determination with involvement in many groups and organizations, including: VoterGA, Georgia Activists, Libertarian Party, Georgia CARE Project, Peachtree NORML, Solutions Institute, OathKeepers, Georgia Coalition of Patriots, Informed Ga Grand Jury Forum, Operation Educate, Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Action Sentinels, Tax Revolution Institute and many others. He got involved in grassroots politics as a libertarian minded novice with the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign and joined the GOP to try to steer the repulicrats towards smaller, fiscally responsible government. After some time and hard work, Ted was elected as the 39th Precinct Chair and then later was elected as the 3rd Vice Chair of 13th District in the GOP. He has served as Campaign manager or Staff member for several candidates, including Derrick Grayson 2014 run for US Senate. However, it wasn’t long before the realization that the GOP at all levels (National, State and County) was determined to ruin America sunk in.  The opportunity arose to align with the Libertarian Party, and as a member of LP of GA, he has run for Georgia Insurance Commissioner, helped other LP candidates with their races, such as Andrew Hunt’s run for US Senate. Ted is currently the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia.

Ted is frequently at the Capitol recording Committee Hearings for the purpose of holding elected officials accountable and exposing the cronyism and corruption present in the legislative process. Ted studied Biology and Organic Chemistry at the University of Georgia. He also graduated from GSU with a B.B.A. focused on Risk Management and Organizational Psychology. He had held an Insurance License in Georgia since 1989 and is a Chartered Senior Financial Planner as well as a skilled web developer, graphics designer, writer, videographer, video editor, veteran and patriot.” -TEDMETZ.COM-

It is my hope that you guys will give this hard-hitting interview with Ted Metz, Cannadate for Georgia Governor, a listen and feel compelled to contribute in some way to his campaign. Regardless of if you are in Georgia or not, helping Ted Metz get into office will most certainly have a wide spread impact on the surrounding states as well as the nation. Share this podcast with your family and friends and don’t forget to donate to his campaign at TEDMETZ.COM. Until next time, be well.